My dogs paws are pink

My dogs paws are pink

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My dogs paws are pink when shes a puppy. when she grows up to what i belive to be 12 mnths she goes from pink to white. she still has a pink area in the middle of her paw tho. my friend has 2 yorkies and one of them always has pink paws. i think thats so cool.

Dude, check out my photo! I was just about to post my paws on here, and this popped up!

You can tell by my face it's taken a while to post it, since I am a few states away.


Husky and Bear

"We're not all dog people, but most of us have become dog-people."

"We are all of us running the race."

"My legs are not fast, but neither are any other part of me. I simply run them as fast as I can."

LOL. I would hope you're going to the right vet in your area, otherwise you might have to try some serious hypo-allergenic stuff in there.

My dogs paw pads are pink all the time, no exceptions. Never seen anything but pink and white.

It may be that your dog's paw pads don't have pink as much as normal. Mine are pink even in the winter. I just checked my photo. It's winter right now, so I'm seeing them.

But we don't have this problem, just the standard white, black and brown. A few years ago my daughter was watching the TV show "Dogs 101" where they showed a female puppy with the pink paw pads and sd you don't see that in the male puppies. All my daughters' male puppy has had just the white and black. The only thing about their pups, except for the pink, is that they don't seem to be as good natured as our girls. They always get into trouble, not in the "My puppy bit me" sense but more like running around like a dog chasing a chicken. They just seem to be more mischievous.

Maybe this will help...

It's not uncommon for some breeds to have white pads on their feet. A lot of people think it's bad because they think the dogs will look like cats, but it really is only a cosmetic thing. My own dog has three toes on each foot that are white, and his pad is very white, so he looks like a penguin! It doesn't affect him in any way, just makes him look goofy.

It may be that your dog's paw pads don't have pink as much as normal. Mine are pink even in the winter. I just checked my photo. It's winter right now, so I'm seeing them.

But we don't have this problem, just the standard white, black and brown. A few years ago my daughter was watching the TV show "Dogs 101" and they discussed this. She sd she had to keep her eye on her dog, as she could be mistaken for another breed of dog, based on this. We just tell her she looks adorable, no different than our other dogs.

We do have one of the more showy breeds. A Pembroke has a distinctive head and ears (and some unusual body markings as well.) We had two, and now we have a great granddaughter. These are very showy dogs. But because they can easily get mistaken for something else, most people treat them as a breed dog, not a working one, so we don't have that problem.

But agn, it's all cosmetic. Just as if the dog was standing on a pr of black plastic high-heeled shoes or something. I suspect you could do the same thing by just rubbing blue pnt on the feet and toes of the dog. It really is all a question of appearance. And how you choose to view it. We don't feel any different about it than the same thing with our cat, who also sports different colored toes. Cats have a hard time walking in high-heeled shoes, but I wouldn't think that the same thing would work for dogs.


You've just been replaced, by the Dictaphone!

P.S. The other day I was on the freeway doing over 75 miles an hour in a 55 and there was an older woman walking a very large, long legged, high-heeled, fluffy white dog right in the middle of the lane. I slowed down so she could pass and I could say "excuse me, the dog doesn't look much like a poodle to me." When she looked at me she was totally unfazed. No, she didn't say a word, but she did rse her left hand and gesture to me. She was the one who walked the white poodle.




"If you ever start taking things too seriously, you're not having any fun. And you should never take yourself too seriously."

You don't need a white dog - just let the neighbors see it and take a picture when it passes.

I don't have a white dog. In fact, in my home we don't really have much of a dog at all. Just the few cats we have. In fact, we don't even have a dog food, cat food, bedding, or anything.

We just have a place for us, the cats and us to live.

We have a fence to keep the cats in, but our dogs have the run of the place.

Well, no, we don't. Just don't bother, it's hard to find anything that isn't. Or at least, anything that is safe for us to feed a dog. We're a single Mom with a lot of allergies, and even the best dog foods contn things that bother me.

It sounds a little bit weird, but my dog was the only dog that I didn't want around. He was also the only dog I could feed. I tried a lot of dog foods before settling on one (and I mean, a lot) that is still fine for my husband and I to eat.

No, you're totally right.

I was just teasing you.

(I'm really only trying to give you a hard time, you know)


Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here. Be cheerful, strive to be happy. -Max Ehrmann

Just for the record, I'm allergic to everything you list. I'm also allergic to dogs, and I really don't want to have one, since my allergies affect my breathing and I sometimes have asthma-related issues.

When I moved to my current apartment, the owner had a few dogs, so I had to make sure I read and follow the rules in that situation.

My dog, when he's in an indoor kennel, has to have something in his diet that will help prevent fleas, as well as other animals. I've tried several things and my dog eats what I feed him when I

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