Camels: "We love it warm!"

Camels live in warm regions and are often out in groups. Below is some information about the interesting mammals. "I hope you enjoyed our picture gallery!" - Image: Shutterstock / Zzvet "We have humps on our backs. You think it stores water?" - Image: Shutterstock / Martinez de la Varga "Wrong! Fat is stored in our humps. The smaller the hump, the worse our nutritional status!" - Image: Shutterstock / Zhukov Oleg "Since we mainly live in dry regions, we have to take good care of our water balance!" - Image: Shutterstock / eAlisa "Many of us camels live in Africa!" - Image: Shutterstock / LU JINRONG "As far as our weight is concerned, new world camels can weigh around 150, old world camels even over 600 kilograms!" - Image: Shutterstock / Ahmad A Atwah "To keep our strength up, we usually go in groups in search of food!" - Image: Shutterstock / Greta Gabaglio "As baby camels we quickly escape from the nest and become independent!" - Image: Shutterstock / Andrea Willmore

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