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Red kitten is saved from a predicament

Oh jemine: The red kitten in this video probably made a mistake while playing and slipped between the walls of a balcony. Fortunately, a courageous rescue team rushes to help the poor little treasure.

Luck in misfortune: The little red cat in this little film is terrified when his rescuers use a loop attached to a long stick to free him from his predicament. The cute guy alone would not have managed to get out - all the more so that attentive people discovered him and released him as quickly as possible.

His relieved owner quickly receives the red tabby runaway and transports him home in a makeshift box. The cute four-legged friend can then recover from his fright. But someone was lucky!

Real hero: Firefighter saves lucky cat

Firefighter Cory Kalanick is not only a hero for Lucky Baby, but also for everyone who loves animals ...

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