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It seems that this year is the year of the Great Dog Food Hunt. The past few years I have been in the minority of the people I know who have a problem with their dogs’ food. I usually get one or two questions when someone else finds out that I don’t eat dog food. One common one that I have heard is, “You don’t feed your dog dog food, do you?” Well, it depends. In this case, “dog food” means what is sold as pet food. I don’t use the term as a reference to dog food sold in cans in the grocery store. That’s dog food. For that you should use the term food. However, if you mean to ask if I don’t use any dog food in my dog’s food, well, that is a simple answer. I don’t use any dog food in my dog’s food. When I say this, my dog’s food is not 100% meat or 100% veggies. It is a balanced mix of the two. The mn thing to remember is that the dog food I use is formulated to be a complete and balanced diet. It contns all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs. I can only speak for what I use, so I can’t give a blanket statement about any dog food.

But let’s get to the point of the post, why don’t I use any dog food in my dog’s food? Well, I use the same dog food in my dog’s food that I use in my cat’s food. I believe there is a reason for this and that reason is to keep the cost of the dog food down and make it easier for my dog to be able to digest his food. To do this I use a low protein dog food as a base. I add in some of my pet’s favorite foods as a top dressing. If your dog has a food preference and you don’t want to feed him the same dog food you feed your cat then just make sure your dog has a variety of foods in his diet. The way I feed my dog and the food I use, the dog food is the base and the variety is the topping. My dog doesn’t know what he is eating at meal times, just that he is eating and that is enough for him. If my cat doesn’t like the food you use to make her dinner, she will be cranky and that is the end of that. My dog doesn’t need to know what he is eating at meal times and he doesn’t mind the top dressing. I keep it simple and easy.

If you want to see an example of a dog food I use that is made specifically for dogs, then look at the list of dog foods on the right side of my blog. There is a link on the page for each of the different foods that has a photo of the food and a link for you to buy that food. Most of these foods are from the same company. They are the only dog food manufacturer I use. If you don’t see the foods you are looking for, let me know and I will help you find them. I have a list on the right side of my blog if you want to see a list of all the dog foods I use. There is a link for each of the dog foods.

This was a huge success. The last time we had a group of 6 of the ladies from the church over to our house was the day of the 4th of July. The first time we had a pot luck party it was a bit more difficult but everyone had a wonderful time. We invited them to return. This time we invited them to bring one of their family members or a guest. Of course there was a lot of discussion about what they could bring and how they were going to share it with all of us. One of the ladies sd that she was going to bring a ham that she had smoked. That is where we had to tell her she didn’t have to bring a ham. We were not going to eat it all. Everyone had to bring something and share it with us.

This time we had a menu. The menu for the pot luck included a choice of:

1) chicken

2) vegetarian

3) fish and seafood

4) pork, beef, lamb or veal

5) pasta

6) soup or stew

7) potatoes or a side dish

8) dessert

9) beverages

10) a choice of drinks or fruit for desert

If you would like to see the menu in a PDF format, go to the last post of this blog to find the link. We made the choice of chicken the first time because we had all of the supplies for it. We had all the meat in one of the freezer bags, all the fixings for the side dishes, the drinks and the desserts. We had the wine to serve with the chicken.

So now it was time to decide who would cook the meal. We decided that the hostess would cook because we all enjoy her cooking. Everyone brought a dish to pass. We had a great time.

This is a picture of the food after it was served. There is a link to this photo at the bottom of this post.

If you would like to see a picture of the menu and the layout of the table we used, click here

The last pot luck party I posted about was our church’s Easter Pot Luck. This was a pot luck party in which each of the ladies of the church got together and invited others to come over and share something that they had prepared. We decided that we would have an Easter themed pot luck.

When we got together to plan the pot luck I went to work to find some decorations that I could use. I found these cute little Easter baskets at WalMart. I thought they would be cute as centerpieces and I

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