Healthy food for young cats

When young cats grow big and strong, they change as if in flight. Healthy cat nutrition is essential for them to get all the important nutrients they need after switching from their mother's milk to normal food. Healthy nutrition is very important for young cats - Image: Shutterstock / Ermolaev Alexander

When small kittens become big cats, they need a lot of energy to support them, because their body weight multiplies enormously in a short time. If they move to their new home at the age of around twelve weeks, they therefore need about five small portions of feed with balanced ingredients throughout the day.

What nutrients young cats need

The feed for young cats should be of high quality and free of sugar. In addition to a high meat content, it should contain all the important minerals, vitamins and trace elements and, above all, have a high content of animal protein, because the little ones absolutely need this for a healthy growth process.

The feed should be a good source of energy, because the junior tigers need a lot of power reserves for their fast growth process. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help the four-legged friends get healthy, beautiful fur and prevent skin problems.

What food do you feed young animals with?

Since cats tend to be picky, you should start with small house tigers and not always give them the same food. The ideal thing would be to take turns to prepare them yourself and feed them high quality canned cat food.

Delicious milk! Sugar-sweet mini-kittens drink their favorite drink

A little dry food in between is okay, as long as it has a high meat content and high-quality ingredients. However, you should only feed dry food in moderation, because kittens need a lot of liquid, which they absorb to a large extent through their food. Also always provide plenty of fresh water.

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