Cute puppy cuddles with a cat

First they approach each other very carefully ... but then the cute cat and her boyfriend, the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, cuddle. An uneven, but sooo cute couple!

What a cute couple: The sweet tabby Stubentiger cautiously gropes in the direction of the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. The fluffy dog ​​begins to carefully clean his little friend with his tongue. The little velvet paw clearly enjoys how the puppy licks her head and back. The dissimilar pair are just heart-wrenching cute!

The tabby kitten cuddles lovingly on the large, clumsy Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. And when the velvet paw has enough, it goes away - typically a cat - with its head held high. Your animal friend seems to be used to the pretty cat's diva attire, because he takes it easy and just lies down for a nap!

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