Dog panting in car

Dog panting in car.

- Hello.

- Hey.

- Hey, how you doing?

- I'm fine. How are you?

- Good, good.

- How's your day?

- It's been going well.

- Good.

- Good.

- Good.

- Good.

- Good.

- Good.

- Good.

- [Laughs]

- [Laughs]

Oh, I love it when we laugh.

- He's laughing?

- He's laughing.

You got him.

You got him.

So what are you up to?

What are you up to?

I got a few things going on.

Some good, some bad,

and just like you,

I'm really just enjoying

myself, man.

Like you, I'm trying

to enjoy myself.

I really am.

I'm just so--

I'm just glad to be here,

you know?

Just so blessed and

thankful that I got to

get out here and do this.


So what's the best part?

What's the best part?

- Good.

- I'd say it's being

able to do something

you love for a living.

- Yeah.

- [Both Laugh]

- I love it, man.

I love it.

I love it.

I love the fact that

I get to make people happy.

You know?

I mean, that's what we

do in this industry.

- That's why you're here, dude.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I mean, I know,

but at the end of

the day, I'm a human.

I'm just human.

And when you make somebody

happy, man, that's great.

That's all that matters.

- It's a big deal.

- Yeah, it's a big deal.

- It's a very big deal.

So many people, they don't

know what that's like.

- It's great.

It's great.

- People come up to me

in the restaurant and

they're like, wow.

I can't believe

you do this, man.

And I'm like, I'm a musician.

I write songs for people.

So it's a very nice thing

to do when you think about it.

- How did you end up--

How did you end up starting

a new career as a singer?

Like, if you had to

re-invent yourself,

where did you go from there?

- Well, you know,

when I first got out here,

I started working with

my friend, DJ AM.

And he asked me to

sing in a song called

The Greatest Love of All.

And I guess it's not

one of the bigger songs.

- Oh, that's a good song.

- But it's a good song.

And it came out in 2007,

before my last record.

- This year.

- Yeah, before my

last record, and it's

one of the more

positive songs that

we sing in the show.

And it's very uplifting,

you know, kind of

like that, like "He's Got a Way"

was one of the earlier songs

that I sung a lot.

You know, he has a way

with words. (laughs)

And I thought, you know,

I'm just gonna go and sing

this song, and I'm not gonna

bother with a lot of words,

just be myself.

Just kind of sing to the

person and just show them

what I can do.

- [Brian] What are

you most proud of?

- You know, all these years.

This is a big question.

If I could be proud

of anything, like,

what I've done over

my whole career,

it's that I've been able

to put myself out there.

And this is all I know how to do.

And I like to think

that this is an honor.

Like, I'm good, I'm doing good.

I'm an entertainer.

And if I'm doing

well, then there's

no reason why everybody

shouldn't be doing well.

But I like to think, like,

there are people out there,

you know, I don't know

what they're doing,

but they're making

it and they're making

it out there in

front of the camera.

And that's an honor.

And I think that it's like,

"Hey, you know, there's

people out there

doing their thing."

So, you know, I'm going to go

and do my thing and you know,

and hopefully, I can help out.

And it feels like

there's people out

there, helping other

people, whether it's me

or it's a family member or

a friend or a friend,

anybody out there

doing good, do the best

you can do, you know?

Do what makes you happy.

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