Animals on campus: petting against fear

Universities are now also taking advantage of the proven therapeutic properties of four-legged friends. Animals on campus are supposed to relieve students of the fear of exams and help reduce stress. Stroking, cuddling and playing a little before the exam helps against excitement and reduces stress levels. Petting dogs at the university is said to take away students' fear - Image: (CC) Flickr / pizzodisevo

At Dalhousie University in Canada they tried it all out and invited a few cuddly toys. Of course, extra young dogs were selected that were fluffy and playful: A Golden Retriever, a Dalmatian, a Saint Bernard, two Shelties, a Labradoodle and a Papillon were also part of the party, reports the "Spiegel". The cuddle campaign met with a positive response. A total of 450 students wanted to see and pet the animals on campus - whether for stress relief or simply because they are so cute - who knows?

"They played with the dogs and talked. Of course, this is not the solution to stress, but it is a good way to relax from learning for a few minutes," quotes the news magazine initiator Michael Kean. In any case, studies show a stress-relieving effect and blood pressure can also be reduced. The pats seem to have been in vain - and the fluffy four-legged friends certainly enjoyed it too.

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