Don't forget: bird food for winter

When the temperatures outside become wintry, it becomes increasingly difficult for wild birds to find food. These nutritious bird food varieties are therefore wonderful to support them and provide them with a little refreshment on the balcony or in the garden. Don't forget: bird food for winter - Image: Shutterstock / wim claes

1. Something for every bird: Mixed food pack

Thanks to this bird food mixed pack, domestic birds will surely be happy to make you comfortable. Three titballs, a feed rod, a nut candle and two bags of nuts ensure that there is something tasty for everyone and that there is no shortage of variety. Ingredients for bird-friendly strengthening include vegetable fats, nuts, sunflower seeds and cereal flakes.

2.For harsh winters: peanut butter for birds

Normal peanut butter from the supermarket is not suitable for birds due to the high salt content - but luckily there are also varieties that have been specially developed for birds and have a high nutrient content for particularly cold winter days. With many calories and delicious taste, this peanut butter provides variety on the bird menu and should not be placed in the sun.

3. Hmm, delicious, raisins!

If you want to do something good for birds in winter, raisins are also a wonderful addition for wild birds that go foraging in their garden in winter. It is important that the tasty bird snacks perish more quickly than, for example, grains. Therefore, you should regularly replace leftover food for fresh food and thoroughly clean the bird feeder sites in between.

4. Delicious energy suppliers: lining rings for the garden

Just like titballs, feed rings are a classic among winter bird feed ideas. Sunflower seeds, cereals, oils and fats quickly provide energy to hungry birdies and can be easily picked off the ring, making them an ideal source of feed even in winter.

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