Four great toy ideas with rope for dogs

If you are looking for an alternative to retrieving games with balls, you may be able to make your dog happy with these toys with rope: four nice ideas for active four-legged friends. Four great toy ideas with rope for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Erkki Alvenmod

1. Classic toys with that certain something

This classic rope not only ensures a lot of fun while tugging and romping - the specially knotted rope is made of tooth-friendly cotton / polyester mix. It cares for your four-legged friend's teeth even when playing.

2. Animal fun for four-legged friends

These cute dew toys come with a very special look: as a giraffe, leopard or cow. With ball and legs made of rope, the animal toys offer a lot of fun - and they also take care of your teeth.

3. Rope rope ring for playful four-legged friends

The blue tauring for dogs offers deluxe fun with tugging, pulling and the like. The material is flexible and robust - so your four-legged friend has something of it for a particularly long time. The teeth also get their money's worth.

4. Duck toy with squeak alarm

Most dogs like to hunt. And because it shouldn't be a real duck most of the time, this plush duck is a great alternative to romping and playing. It is stable, is held by robust, dental-care rope and is equipped with a squeaker - so playing is twice the fun.

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