Grooming longhair cats: 5 tips against knots in the fur

The fluffy male Colonel Meow recently demonstrated that cats can have a remarkable coat of fur. As the longest-haired house tiger in the world, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records. But not only his fur needs extra care, that of all other long-haired cats. Here are a few tips! Grooming long-haired cats: 5 tips against knots in the fur - Image: Shutterstock / DreamBig

Tip 1: Get used to brushing your longhair cat as early as possible

With a long-haired cat, it is particularly important that it can be brushed happily, voluntarily and without a fight. So get your kitten used to it as early as possible, use a soft brush and make sure that your velvet paw does not have a bad experience. Don't force them to do anything - brushing should be fun and feel like a caress.

Tip 2: daily brushing for a beautiful, knot-free coat

Always brush your cat with the grain. The care unit should neither pull nor take so long that your room tiger loses patience. Brushing more often and shorter is more sensible and perfect for preventing possible matting. How about, for example, cozy in front of the TV in the evening?

Tip 3: Special lining for shiny fur and against hairballs

Long-haired cats have special needs. A lack of nutrients can make your fur brittle and lose its shine. They also swallow a lot more hair when brushing than their short-haired counterparts. Special types of feed can simultaneously provide the animals with important nutrients and reduce the formation of hairballs. As a beautiful and healthy additional effect, the fur becomes stronger and shinier in this way.

Tip 4: Information about the different long-haired cat breeds

Their care needs can be as different as the long-haired cat breeds are. Persian, Turkish Van or Maine Coon cats have different lengths and thick fur, in addition, the amount and the ratio of undercoat to top coat differ. How much and how often to brush, where the problem areas are and what else you need to consider can be read in books about the respective breed.

Tip 5: Be prepared for an emergency

Even with the best care, there may be knots or matting in the fur of your longhair cat. Persian cats are particularly susceptible to this. If they are kept as freelancers, small bruises in the fur are almost inevitable. The right accessories quickly remedy the situation. You can try an anti-matting spray or use scissors with rounded tips to cut out the top bun.