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EU pet passport for cats: what's inside?

If you are traveling abroad with your cat, Miez needs a valid EU pet passport. The document must state whether your velvet paw has been vaccinated sufficiently. You can read what other information is important here. On vacation, the cat needs a current EU pet passport - Shutterstock / Nadinelle

The EU pet passport primarily serves as proof of identity, but also as a vaccination certificate. Every cat and pet needs their own passport, in which special characteristics and characteristics for their appearance must be clearly noted. It is also important that all vaccinations are included and that they are still valid - this applies especially to the vaccination against rabies.

Regulations for the EU pet passport

The EU pet passport can only be issued by a veterinarian. You have to provide information about yourself, i.e. your address and contact details. You must sign this personally. So that your velvet paw can get an EU pet passport at all, it must be chipped. Accordingly, the date of the microchip implantation or its reading date must be entered on the page with the appearance characteristics of your cat. The place where the marking was made and its number must also be noted. Tattoos that were engraved after July 3, 2011 are no longer sufficient to clearly identify the velvet paw. Only older tattoos that are clearly legible are still recognized.

The name, address, telephone number and email address of the veterinarian who issued the ID must be entered by hand and confirmed with a stamp and signature. The start of the validity of the rabies vaccination as well as the vaccination date and period of validity must also be on the EU pet passport.

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When is the rabies vaccination valid?

In order for your cat's rabies vaccination to be valid and to allow her to go on vacation, the animal must have been at least twelve weeks old when it was vaccinated. At the earliest 21 days after the first vaccination against rabies, your kitty may go on vacation abroad. The manufacturer of the vaccine specifies how long the rabies vaccination is valid. In addition, the vaccination must not have been carried out with a microchip before labeling, otherwise it cannot be clearly proven that it is actually your cat and not another unvaccinated kitty.

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