Who needs mice? This cat goes to the butcher

This cat from Turkey no longer has to hunt mice. Because she has her butcher, as a YouTube video proves.

Sausage, ham and meat specialties as far as the eye can see: is there a nicer sight for cats? Hardly likely! This cute velvet paw apparently does the same. Because when she felt hungry, she didn't go chasing mice, but went to the butcher without further ado.

The short YouTube clip shows how the cat straightens up in front of the meat counter - the paws pressed against the glass pane. The little kitty looks very curiously at the delicious delicacies on the counter. And because the butcher doesn't want to be like this, he cuts a small piece of meat for the cuddle and throws it over the counter - much to the delight of the cat, who of course can no longer hold on to it and starts eating right away.

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