How to stop cats from begging

How to stop cats from begging

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If you want to stop cats from begging, prepare yourself for a lot of work. You have probably softened too often at the table and given your velvet paw some of your food. A big mistake, because your fluffy roommate remembers his success immediately. There are several ways to intervene, but you have to be consistent. Image: Shutterstock / oliko

Stop the begging of the cat: Ignoring helps

Even if the kitten looks at you so cute and challenging when sitting on the floor next to the dining table - don't give in! Now a strong will is required, because if you want to effectively stop your cat from begging, one thing above all helps: ignore. Your house tiger has to learn that you are consistent and that he will never get anything from your food.

Eventually, even the most stubborn cat will get bored and will give up trying to grab a treat at the table. It is also helpful to feed your cat before you sit down at the dining table. Sated domestic tigers are less likely to beg. Your cat's feeding place should also be in a different room than your own dining area.

Successfully raise cats: important basic rules

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If the cat gets too brazen: Clear measures

But the lack of attention does not make every furry beggar flee. Should your cat stand on its legs with its front paws or even jump on the table to serve itself, you should intervene immediately. Combine this forbidden behavior with a consequence: Take your velvet paw off the table and clearly and clearly say "No!". In order for a learning effect to occur, you always have to react in the same way. Patience is required to stop cats from begging.

No-gos in cat education

Some try to stop cats from begging by scaring them or confronting them with unpleasant things. This can be a loud clapping of hands, blowing in the cat's face or a spray from the flower sprayer. The rattling of an empty beverage can with coins in it is often used. However, these drastic measures are not recommended as they can scare or hurt your darling. Loud noises are unbearable for the sensitive ears of cats.

Preventive education: prevent bad behavior

To prevent you from getting into the situation that your cat is begging for your food, you should make sure that there are clear rules from the start. Routine helps the fur noses. Feed them and then bring your own food to the table. If she arrives anyway and wants to eat with you, put her on her own bowl without talking much. During the meal, only deal with yourself and / or your family. Miez stays away from it, so the food becomes uninteresting and it leaves you alone. After that, cuddle units can follow.

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