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Cat tree for old cats: tips for choosing

As your house tiger gets older, its demands change too. Many cat owners therefore ask themselves: Which cat tree is the right one for old cats? After all, the senior should still be able to be age-appropriate, but also be gentle on the joints. With these tips you will find the right cat tree for your darling. What should you pay attention to when buying a scratching post for older cuddly cats? - Shutterstock / Anna Hoychuk

Scratching posts are now available in numerous designs and designs, but what should you watch out for in a scratching post for old cats? Before you begin your search, you should first consider how the needs of your rock nose change with age.

When do you speak of old cats?

From around the age of ten you can count your cuddly tiger to the old iron. Then the play and movement instinct of the animal gradually decreases and instead the sleep and rest phases increase. The pussies prefer to take things a little slower now. Nevertheless, a scratching post is also recommended for older semesters. Why? Bounce and the urge to discover are still there, but agility is declining. You should not overwhelm the cat with the in-house playground.

Cat tree for old cats: that's what matters

A cat tree with vertical platforms and cozy hiding places is essential for a happy cat life, this is especially true for indoor cats. Therefore, this retreat is very popular with the animals even in old age. Even if there are several cats in one household, the ranking within the group becomes visible by which cat resides at the highest point.

But if your cat is getting old, you no longer have to provide the scratching post with numerous gadgets or lots of junk. Better: create resting places with small tunnels, hammocks or hidden corners.

Tips for the oasis of wellbeing

The new scratching post should not be too high and still have a higher level. Because, even if older cats no longer jump as high as they used to for the sake of their joints, they enjoy a relaxed view of the action. In addition, make it easier for your cats to ascend to higher regions through platforms that are close together. But even with small ramps, stairs or bridges you will make your older ball of fur a pleasure.

Employment opportunities for old cats

Old cats may no longer be as agile and agile as their young counterparts - nevertheless ...

Get old cat used to scratching post

Done: did you find the perfect scratching post for your mature companion? Wonderful! But that's not all, because the cat now has to get used to its new scratching post. This is sometimes difficult, especially for older animals.
The first step is therefore to remove the old scratching post. Then give your cat encouragement with words of praise, treats or pats as soon as it uses the new one.

If the pet doesn't know what to do with the new strain, it can help to show them what it is good for. So scratch yourself a little. If your salon lion is looking for other scratching spots instead, you can easily disguise them: If you disturb the cat while relaxing scratching, for example by crackling with aluminum foil, the cat will soon get used to it.

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