If the cat doesn't eat: Tips for loss of appetite

If the cat does not eat, you can try tricks to make the food palatable again. Loss of appetite, which lasts longer, is not your pet's mood, but indicates that something is wrong. In this case, as a precaution, go to the veterinarian so that he can see if your cat is sick. Loss of appetite in cats can often be managed with a few tips - Image: Shutterstock / Tami Freed

Your cat is not eating and you are worried? Don't panic - in many cases the problem can be solved quickly once the cause has been found. Very important: If your cat does not eat for days or shows other changes in behavior, you need to go to the doctor with her, as loss of appetite may then be a symptom of an illness. You can find more about this in the guide: "Loss of appetite in cats: possible causes".

If it's because of the feed ...

Does your cat not eat, but otherwise looks perfectly fit? Then it could be due to their cat food, which is a main reason for loss of appetite in cats. The composition of the tried and tested feed may have changed and your kitty will notice this (cats are very good at exposing such things) or the taste of your velvet paw will suddenly change. For example, old cats often develop different preferences over the years and appear somewhat picky.

Many house tigers are also sensitive to changes in feed. Have you put a new cat food on your house tiger's menu? The new feed may not taste good - in this case try a different type and, if in doubt, get advice from your veterinarian. It may also be due to a food intolerance, which you can combat with a special feed.

Tips for anorexia: The right place for the food bowl

Cats love peace and habit, even at their feeding place. So do not change the location all the time, but set up a permanent place for your pets' feeding bowls. The bowls should be large enough and non-slip, and each cat should have its own bowl, which is only filled with fresh, room-warm food.

Other tips: Cats do not like to eat near their toilet and do not like it when there is a strong smell of cleaning agents around their bowl. Lemon scent in particular is too aggressive for the fine cat's nose.

Feeding cats properly: you should be aware of this

How you feed your cat properly depends on the living conditions of your favorite ...

Tips to encourage stressed or sick cats to eat

With a cat that suffers from loss of appetite due to stress, grief or changing living conditions, you can calmly pull out all the stops and try to convince them with everything that you normally like. This can be a can of oil-free, unsalted tuna in its own juice, some fresh minced beef or a piece of cooked chicken fillet - you know your house tiger best and should always try to get your favorite foods to eat in peace. When stress or grief has subsided or your cat has got used to the new living conditions, the normal appetite will come back. However, if there is still no improvement after about two days, go to the doctor with your pet. After several days without food, a fatty liver ("hepatic lipidosis") can otherwise develop, which is very dangerous for cats.

Sick cats, who may just be able to get their feed back after a few difficult days, should first be fed a light diet. You can buy these from the vet and pet store or prepare them yourself using simple recipes.