Preventing cystitis in dogs: what to do?

In the winter months, a bladder infection in the dog often develops. There are many measures you can take to prevent the painful illness. Read here what they are. To prevent cystitis, dogs should drink plenty of water - Shutterstock / Damix

Especially in the cold season, it is important that you take care of your four-legged friend. Because even if the cold is not the real cause of a bladder infection in the dog, it weakens its immune system and makes it more susceptible to infection. How to prevent the disease:

Prevent with heat

Of course you cannot keep your four-legged friend in your apartment all the time. Dogs want to explore the fresh air and nature even in wet and cold weather. But it is precisely this weather that offers the ideal basic conditions for a bladder infection in dogs. If he is completely soaked or sits on the cold floor for too long, the bacteria have an easy time of it.

That is why it is all the more important that you make sure that your fur nose does not get too cold - this is the only way to effectively prevent bladder infection. Shorten the laps in rain and cold temperatures and then offer your dog a warm, dry and draft-free lying area in their own four walls. These measures play a major role, especially for small dog breeds with little undercoat. You should keep moving outdoors and not sit on the cold floor. If your dog is prone to urinary tract infections, protect him from the cold with a winter coat for dogs.

Cystitis in dogs: possible causes

The low temperatures in winter can lead to a bladder infection in the dog ...

Cystitis in dogs: Further protective measures

Nevertheless, it is important not to take too much care of the dog even in bad weather. Walks and fresh air strengthen his immune system - that's why regular rounds are so important for him. If he drinks enough during this time, he can often urinate - and any bacteria are flushed out immediately. Also, make sure you have a balanced diet, because bacteria have the least impact on a healthy and strong immune system.