Skidmark and Daenerys: Two cats get along really well

Skidmark and Daenerys: Two cats get along really well

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Skidmark and Daenerys are two sugary foundlings. Skidmark was rescued from an intersection and little Daenerys was lonely as a kitten and left next to the workshop where her human dad works. The two fur noses have become so used to each other that they would like to cuddle and play with each other all day, as can be seen in the videos.

In the first video you can see how the red cat Skidmark cuddles, cuddles and fondles his little adoptive sister Daenerys, a magical Point cat. The two are one heart and one soul. They play happily while playing and love to chase themselves across the apartment, as can be seen in the second video. What great cat friends they are! It's nice that fate brought the sweeties together and they found such a loving home.

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