Playing with Maine Coon cats: practical tips

Most Maine Coon cats are playful all their lives and love to romp and play with their favorite people and cat friends. The large balls of fleece usually don't shy away from splashing with water. Maine Coon cats are curious, smart and not only playful as kittens - Shutterstock / dezi

In principle, you can play with a Maine Coon just like with any other cat. However, for the large cat breed, the toys, the cat tree and the like must also be correspondingly large and stable. Maine Coon cats are also happy to have an animal buddy who can romp with them when you are away.

Maine Coon cats love water!

Cats are usually considered to be afraid of water, but the Maine Coon usually finds water extremely fascinating. If you want to make your fluffy nose happy, you can occasionally let them play with the tap or fill a bowl with water so that they can splash with their paws in it. Try putting a cork or other floating object in the bowl and letting your Maine Coon fish afterwards. In the following video you can see how much fun two curious Maine Coon kittens have with the element water:

Maine-Coon: XXL domestic cat

Hunting games for the Maine Coon

Cuddly cats like the Maine Coon are and remain predators with instinctive hunting behavior. If you cannot live it out at least while playing, boredom arises and behavioral disorders can develop. It is therefore advisable to play hunting games with your fur nose as often as possible. For example, you can pull a game rod away from her or have her chase balls. Some of the sly Maine Coon cats can learn to retrieve balls and other toys and have a lot of fun doing it.

It is especially nice for the Maine Coon when she has secure access outside in the garden and can play there. For example, you can hide one of her toys in the garden and your kitty must find and "capture" it. You can see how much fun this game of a cat can be in the following video:

A companion to play with for the Maine Coon

It is even nicer if your Maine Coon cat is not alone when playing and has a companion. Especially if you are away for several hours during the day and your "coonie" would otherwise be alone, an animal playmate is recommended. A hunt game is even more exciting for two, the Maine Coon kittens find in this video: