Water fun with floating dog toys

If your dog is a water rat and can also retrieve, one thing should not be missing: Great dog toys that can swim! Dog toy that can swim - Image: Shutterstock / maratr

1. Colorful: Floating balls made of foam rubber

Chasing a ball? Almost no dog can resist! These light, robust balls are made of natural rubber that is gentle on the teeth and are ideal for retrieving. The practical balls are waterproof and float on the surface when thrown.

2. Cute set for little water fans

Many dog ​​breeds that love water are small - for example Jack Russell Terrier. For them, a suitable retriever toy can of course also be a little smaller, because then it will be easier for them to carry. This cute water toy set consists of a frisbee and a bone. It is very stable and of course it also swims.

3. Floating frisbee fun for dogs

Playing Frisbee is fun for dogs! It gets even better when Herrchen throws the disc into the water and the four-legged friend can bring it back. This special Frisbee disc is made of floatable solid rubber and is therefore not only suitable for water, but also with a low risk of injury.

4. Water toys with throwing rope: Particularly practical for throwing

Due to the attached rope, this water toy is not only good for throwing, but also for easy retrieval. It is made of 100 percent natural rubber, is stable, robust and easy to clean, because it is even dishwasher safe.

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