Cat snacks and cat food with malt

Malt helps cats, particularly when changing fur, to naturally swallow hair that has been swallowed. It prevents hairballs and is a real help, especially for long-haired cats. The dietary supplement is available in various forms, which we would like to describe below. Cat snacks and cat food with malt - Image: Shutterstock / Xseon

1. Malt paste: The delicious classic for in between

Malt paste is a real feast for almost all cats and a very good addition to the food, while the cat is in the change of fur. Dietary fiber and malt ensure that the hair swallowed by the cat is excreted naturally. You can add the paste to the feed or just feed it as a snack.

2. Malt snacks as a healthy reward with care effects

There is probably no cat that cannot be lured out of the reserve with a few snacks - treats with nutritional supplements are still one of the easiest ways to recommend certain additives such as malt to pets. Delicious ingredients ensure that the cat will be happy to be persuaded to ingest the malt that is important to them every day while changing fur.

3. Malt cream with a particularly practical dosage

These delicious malt cream snacks without sugar and without coloring make dosing the right amount particularly easy and can be added to the feed or given as a reward. A small bag can be fed once a day to change the hair and often tastes very good even with picky velvet paws.

4. Healthy and delicious: wet food with malt

You can kill two birds with one stone with healthy wet food with malt, which is not only suitable for long-haired cats or house tigers when changing fur. Without sugar, grain-free, with a high meat content and added malt, it is good for the hairy parlor tiger and provides a little variety on its menu.

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