Is a Dirt Floor With Shavings Safe for My Dog Kennel?

The floor of your dog kennel can be more important than you initially might think. A dirt floor covered with shavings can be adequate in your dog's kennel, but it must be maintained properly or problems can occur.

Benefits of Dirt Flooring

Dirt flooring is easily accessible and very inexpensive. Dirt is also soft and cool enough to be comfortable when your dog lies on it for long periods of time.

Dirt Flooring Problems

The downside of dirt flooring is that the kennel can become muddy with rain, is difficult to adequately clean or sterilize and your dog can dig his way out of the kennel if he decides to do so. If you are going to use dirt flooring, place the kennel on high ground which is unlikely to flood.


Shavings can help make a dirt floor more comfortable for your dog. Avoid shavings that are extremely dusty, as these can irritate your dog's respiratory system and cause allergic reactions. Change the shavings whenever they are soiled.


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