What Do You Do When a Dog Gets Attacked by Ants?

Sometimes, a dog’s penchant for exploring can get him into trouble. Quick treatment and careful observation will ensure that your furry friend recovers from his misadventure with no permanent damage.


First, remove all ants from your dog, as they can hang on and bite more. Water can cause them to bite down and hang on, so brush them away from your dog’s skin using fast strokes. A cotton ball moistened with ammonia can help relieve itching, as can a poultice of baking soda and water, if you can prevent your dog from licking it. Cleaning the bites with antibacterial soap will reduce the chances of infection, and a cold compress can help cut down on swelling.

Allergic Reaction

In rare cases, your dog may have an allergic reaction to ant bites. If he becomes disoriented or lethargic, or any swelling appears on his face, mouth or nose, you should seek a vet 's advice immediately on how to proceed.


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