Foods to Promote Milk Production in Nursing Dogs

Newborn puppies are demanding on their mothers. It's important to ensure that your female dog produces enough milk. Lactation failure occurs when no milk is produced and the puppies do not receive any nourishment. Lactation depression occurs when the mammary glands are working but they do not produce enough milk to support the litter. Deficient milk occurs when the milk does not contain enough nutrients to support the litter's health and needs.

Promote Milk Production

Milk thistle helps prompt the production of milk, supports the liver and reduces toxins that can pass from momma dog to her puppies. You can add fennel and parsley to salmon and chicken treats to help the production of milk and the recovery process after birth. Apricots can cause diarrhea in dogs if you overfeed them, but they can help boost milk production; they are high in vitamin C and other vitamins, making the milk more nutritious.

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