Isolation Requirements for Dogs With Kennel Cough

If your dog starts making odd noises that resemble a goose honking, he might be suffering from kennel cough. If he's just come home from a boarding facility, dog show or other area containing lots of canines, there's a good chance he's contracted kennel cough. Your vet can make a definite diagnosis and supply cough suppressants for your pet.

Isolating Your Dog

Although kennel cough isn't usually serious -- the canine equivalent of a cold -- it's quite contagious. Other than the honking noise, your pet probably appears normal. Keep him away from other dogs for approximately three weeks. That might not be easy if you have multiple dogs at home, but avoid going to dog parks, obedience classes or anywhere you're likely to encounter other dogs. Because of the contagion factor, play it safe and leave all your dogs home, even if the others are asymptomatic.


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