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Find the right dog sitter: tips

Find the right dog sitter: tips

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Having a good dog sitter near you can prove to be essential. Because in everyday life and at the latest when planning your vacation, the question arises: Who should take care of the beloved pet while you are not there? Here you can find out what to look for when choosing a dog sitter. A good dog sitter should be very familiar with dogs - Photo: Shutterstock / Ljupco Smokovski

There are several services that can help you find a dog sitter, but you shouldn't rush the decision. After all, your dog should be in good hands if you have to work, are on vacation or need hospitalization, for example.

When a dog sitter can help

If you too are professionally involved to enjoy regular walks with your best friend, you should get a dog sitter. For your darling, it is a great opportunity to maintain regular contact with fellow species. Your loyal friend can let off steam and learns to find his way quickly in the pack. Dog sitters sometimes also offer a driving service, pick up your dog on agreed appointments and bring him back after the walk. If you don't make it to the vet in time, your sitter can help here too. In consultation, a lot is really possible.

There are different variants of dog sitting. So you can hire a supervisor for your four-legged friend, who only takes care of him for an hour or only walks with him - a so-called dog walker. Or you can put your mustache in a "Huta", a dog day care center that - like in a kindergarten - looks after and keeps your darling busy during the day. This can be useful, for example, if you have no way to take your dog to the office. In addition, there are dog sitters who take your dog in overnight or over several days, even on vacation over a longer period.

Checklist for a serious dog sitter

Be sure to compare all offers before deciding on a dog sitter. In addition, a get-to-know meeting is mandatory before you commit to supervision. It is best to bring your dog with you so that you can see whether your four-legged friend and his potential dog sitter harmonize with each other. But also pay attention to your intuition: If you have a bad feeling towards the candidate, look further. You should also pay attention to the following points when looking for the right dog sitter:

  • Dog experience and expertise: Does the dog sitter himself have dogs? It's a good sign. Expertise is also important, i.e. knowledge of dog language, dog behavior, health and nutrition - professional dog carers refresh their knowledge with seminars that can be attested by certificates.
  • Interest and questions: A good dog owner shows sincere interest for your four-legged friend and potholes you with questions. On the one hand, he asks for the pet ID and vaccinations as well as your dog's veterinarian and exchanges contact details with you. On the other hand, he also wants to know personal information about your dog and inquires about the character, diseases and vulnerabilities, feeding times and other habits such as the preferred food of your favorite.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness: If the dog sitter looks after your dog at home or in the day care center or pension, you should take a look at the hygienic conditions there. Are the feeding bowls and sleeping places clean? Does the place generally make a good impression? How do the other dogs work in the care center? Do you have enough exercise?
  • Fun and play: Does the dog sitter also deal with the dogs in an appropriate manner? Does he play with them and is he familiar with dog training? Wonderful, then you seem to have found the right candidate.

How to become a professional dog sitter: tips

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Dog sitter on vacation: tips

Your dog sitter can also act as a rescuer when you are on vacation. If, for example, you travel by plane and do not want to take your dog with you there or if you have not found a dog-friendly hotel, your four-legged friend must spend his vacation with the dog sitter or the dog boarding house. You should prepare for such a long stay during your absence as early as possible.

The best thing is if your dog and the dog sitter have known each other for a long time and have got used to each other so that the change is easier for your darling and he does not miss you too much. Even without a vacation, it makes sense to look for a personable, competent dog sitter.

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