Should You Shave a Husky?

Should You Shave a Husky?

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You know your Siberian husky's a cold climate breed, so you might think he suffers considerably during summer's heat. Husky skin is quite vulnerable to the sun's rays, but under natural conditions it's never exposed. Shaving a husky can lead to sunburn and even skin cancer.

Siberian Husky Coat Care

Except in case of a veterinary emergency, a husky's coat should never be shaved or closely clipped. His hair also provides protection from parasites, so a shaved husky is more likely to attract fleas and ticks. His double coat sheds, but not excessively -- except for the few weeks each year that he blows his coat. During that period, you're living in Husky Hair City. On the plus side, huskies produce little in the way of doggy odor and are very clean canines.


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