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Essence test for dogs: content of the test

Essence test for dogs: content of the test

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For certain dog breeds, an essence test can be set by law. How the content of the exam is structured varies from state to state. It is checked how the dog behaves in different situations. Your dog's obedience is checked during the essence test - Image: Shutterstock / Kzenon

Potentially dangerous dogs as well as large dog breeds are asked to be tested by law in some federal states. Because the test is mandatory for the keeping of some breeds. However, it can also be taken off voluntarily in order to free list dogs or large dogs from posture requirements such as wearing a muzzle or leash.

What is the aim of the exam?

The exact contents of dog essence tests vary from state to state. Basically, the test is about testing and evaluating the dog's obedience and behavior in various situations. The contact between dog and human, the contact of dog and environment and the contact of the dog with other dogs are tested.

Some dogs prefer to get wet

Contents of the essence test for dogs

In order to test the dog's behavior with humans, various situations are simulated that also occur in everyday life. This can include meeting the dog with a group of people, touching the dog or confronting a jogger.

How the dog reacts to its environment is tested, for example, in road traffic or by noises that suddenly appear for the dog - for example, a bicycle bell. And finally, the dog is brought together with other members of the species during the nature test. His behavior is tested with both bitches and males. The essence test also means that the dog is isolated from its owner in order to be able to evaluate its reaction to strangers and dogs without the owner's influence.

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