Epsom dog rescue centre

Epsom dog rescue centre

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Epsom dog rescue centre

I know it's been asked several times and I know a few people are doing it so please share it: a lot of the questions I get are from people thinking about having a dog rescue organisation or if they don't know what to do. I had a similar situation when my parents bought a dog, I've known it would be a lifetime commitment and with me working from home, there'd be time pressures.

To this day, they've only ever had the best of friends. My parents and the dog are as close as siblings. My mum was a bit of a hippy and they'd often come and stay with us and she'd let them sleep on the sofa while she slept in the spare room.

We'd go out for days on end on bike rides. We'd do soppy things. I still look back and think about how lucky we were.

We'd often be asked to look after their dog (and he was a big thing in my family and very popular at family events, he and my little brother were inseparable) and my mum would come home with things for me to do as she'd often ask if I'd mind looking after his dog in the afternoon while she got on with a craft project.

We had a little one and I've never been much of a mother so it was always my dad taking on the mantle of a pet parenting role (although we do have a picture of him as a young pup so it is documented).

I left home and went to university. The dog would still come around but my parents had a busy life.

Over the years we would see each other, we'd often be driving somewhere and pass a place with a dog tied to the gate. If they weren't tied, it would be in the back of the car. I'd stop and talk to them and the dog would follow us round, we'd chat with the owners and make sure they had all they needed and if they needed a lift anywhere we'd be there for them.

My dad was always very much agnst pets and never understood why we had one. It wasn't until about two years ago that he changed his stance (he had a very difficult year and when I saw him, I realised that he just needed a little bit of love and support from my family).

I have never been a pet owner in the full sense, just a bit of a dab hand at getting them to do what you want.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when a little while ago, I got a message from a woman who lives locally and who, to me, is "an old friend" who was coming up to visit.

In her note, she sd that her friend and her brother had wanted a dog for years and they were on the hunt to get one for the first time.

And then she sent me a picture of their dog. And this dog, I have to tell you, is the greatest looking dog I've ever seen.

The woman's friend is a little worried though that they're going to have to pay quite a lot to get the dog, not least because of the vet bills. But the dog is such a darling that I think they could put up with it.

So if you see a dog tied up to a gate in a pub car park, maybe it's time you showed that dog some love and bought him or her a home.

I've always thought if I ever got a dog, I'd have two or three. And then my husband would kill me. But the thought of that dog living with the three of us and being as much of a pn in the arse as we are? I don't think I can do it.

What's your best and worst habits?

Hmmm, the worst habits are really bad. They're terrible. I have to stop myself drinking and smoking, because otherwise I'm just an absolute mess. I have very bad, bad bad eating habits. I would say that the worst habits are these two.

The best, though, is that when I was a kid I didn't like baths. But now I love having a bath and I would go back to that age if I could. And I do that because if I did go back to that age I'd be so much happier.

And if you'd like to share your best and worst habits, you can also leave a comment at our Facebook page at

I'm really looking forward to being interviewed by your team and I think it's going to be great.

I'm excited to hear your habits and I'm also very excited to hear all about the things you love to do with your family.

This interview was edited and condensed by Digital Content Producer, Lizzy Cundy.

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